About the Authors



About the Authors

Terry Whiteside is a principal in Whiteside and Associates, a transportation and marketing consulting firm. Terry has over 30 years of experience in transportation with both carrier and shipper representation. He has worked in private industry for several Fortune 500 companies including Conoco, Continental Pipeline and several of the Williams Companies and later headed up the Transportation Division of the Montana Department of Agriculture and the Litigation Bureau of the Transportation Division of the Montana Department of Commerce. W&A today represents most of the Wheat and Barley Commissions throughout the Western half of the U.S. The firm does work for utilities, lumber companies, agricultural manufacturers and government entities and most importantly the growers of grain.


G.W. Fauth is a recognized expert in transportation issues with 30 years experience, including the Surface Transportation Board where he served as staff advisor on transportation issues to one of the Commissioners. His experience includes economic, regulatory, public policy and legislative issues primarily associated with, or related to, the U. S. railroad industry. Most of his work has involved regulatory proceedings, litigations, negotiations, legislative efforts and related projects before, or related to, the U.S. Surface Transportation Board and its predecessor, the Interstate Commerce Commission. He has extensive experience working on projects involving railroad mergers, transactions, acquisitions, abandonments, rate reasonableness issues, railroad accounting and cost issues, railroad practices and other railroad related issues.



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